Are you following these do’s and don’ts of brand journalism?

Learn these tips to perfect the craft—and get more ideas when you join your peers in Manchester, Vermont for this can’t-miss roundtable.

There’s a lot of content out there, and as a senior communicator, you’re responsible for ensuring your organization’s stories don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Brand journalism gives you the perfect vehicle to do just that—when it’s executed correctly.

Veteran communicator Jim Ylisela knows a thing or two about what good brand journalism should look like—and what it shouldn’t:

1. DO: Look to employees for story ideas on a regular basis—no one has as much experience with your brand as they do.

2. DON’T: Get brand journalism and content marketing mixed up. The focus should be on telling your story, not selling a product.

3. DO: Create a strategy to ensure your brand journalism efforts are in line with your communications goals.

Get more ideas from Ylisela and fellow communications leaders at the Brand Journalism 2.0 Summit, Aug. 6–8 in Manchester, Vermont.

Held on the grounds of the scenic Boorn Brook Farm, this roundtable will give you the chance to connect with peers facing the same challenges as you and get a wealth of new ideas.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to advance your brand journalism knowledge. Learn more and register today.

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