Are you really sure you’re using social media the right way?

Creating content is one thing, but connecting with people should be the real goal.

With all the available social media outlets that allow people to create and distribute content, perhaps we’re tuning out what social media is really about.

Bob Knorpp, writing for, would like to remind people using social media for content purposes alone that they are missing the point.

“For instance, we create endless blog posts and tweets and videos to fulfill our perceived need for content and call it our social-media strategy,” Knorpp writes. “Trouble is it’s not really a social strategy, as much as a search-engine-optimization strategy. We aren’t necessarily engaging an audience with this “content.'”

The key to utilizing platforms like Facebook and Twitter correctly lies in connectivity and engagement with other users, he says. Too much content and not enough one-on-one conversation hinder the social media experience.

Focusing solely on page views or “likes” doesn’t take advantage of the level of interaction that’s at your disposal.

“Instead of looking for ways to get eyeballs on our videos or clicks to our pages, maybe we need more focus on creating multilayered experiences that keep people involved, immersed and interacting,” Knorpp writes.

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