Are you violating copyright on the web and social media?

Discover how to successfully navigate copyright law on the internet during this virtual event.

When it comes to ownership and fair use, the web can feel like the wild west.

Are others using your content improperly? Are you complying with copyright law?

Luckily we’ve got you covered.

Ragan and PRSA’s 2019 Copyright Webinar takes place Thursday, July 11 and will help your organization avoid infringement and focus on your goals.

The session is led by Mary Jo Courchesne, Owner and principal rights consultant at Gryphon Publishing Consulting LLC. Mary Jo has spent the last 18 years studying and working with copyright licensing and permissions.

Attendees will learn:

· What is and isn’t copyright

· What exactly “fair use” means

· How you can use memes and GIFs without violating others’ rights

· How to address copyright in social media

· And more

Participants will receive all presentations and handouts, as well as an on-demand recording of the event after the fact.

Register here to save $100.

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