Infographic: How to make sure your résumé makes it past the robots

If you’re applying for a job, there’s a good chance a machine will scan your résumé before a human being does. Here’s how to ensure your resume gets into the right hands.

Thanks to advances in technology, we no longer have to watch commercials on TV, pore over maps to get directions or lug heavy books around when we travel.

But technology has made life harder in at least one way: Now when we submit résumés online, we have to worry about our credentials making it past robots.

If you’ve applied online for a job within the past few years, you know there’s a good chance a machine will scan your résumé before a human will.

According to an infographic from HireRight, applicant tracking systems — the technology recruiters use to filter through job applicants — screen out 75 percent of applicants for a specific position.

This technology may make recruiters’ jobs easier, but if you’re the one applying, these robots may not seem so friendly.

The good news is there are some ways to increase your résumé’s odds of getting face time with a flesh-and-blood hiring manager. Here are a few of the infographic’s tips:

  • Do use keywords from the job description in your résumé.
  • Do use standard Web fonts like Arial, Tahoma or Verdana.
  • Do follow standard résumé formatting. (For example, when listing your work history, start with the employer’s name, followed by your title and the dates you worked there.)
  • Don’t use headers or footers.
  • Don’t submit a PDF (some systems can’t read them).
  • Don’t use abbreviations.

Check out the graphic for more advice on dodging the résumé snatchers:

(View a larger image.)

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