WestJet lands viral hit thanks to ‘Christmas miracle’

A five-and-a-half-minute video of the airline’s employees rushing to fulfill passenger wishes is at 1.2 million views and counting.

I’ve been in several brainstorm meetings these past few years where the notion of making a miserable place jolly comes up.

One of those places is almost always the airport. Let’s face it: The airport sucks. You’re certain you’re going to get sick, kids are crying, adults are angry, luggage is lost. It’s no place for mirth.

Unless you’re WestJet. The airline has turned idea into action, and here’s the delightful result (well worth the five-minute run time):

Passengers flying from Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, received their gifts when they arrived in their destination, Calgary.

From Mashable:

The more than 150 WestJet employees played the part of Santa’s elves, gathering personalized presents, wrapping them and delivering them to the Calgary airport before the unsuspecting recipients landed. Upon arrival, the travelers received nothing short of a holiday miracle at baggage claim.

WestJet VP of communications and community relations Richard Bartem explains why the company does this:

There’s also a WestJet Santa blooper reel:


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