How ‘non-sexy’ businesses succeed on social media

Brands that people aren’t immediately excited to talk about—if they sell say, insurance or tampons—have figured out ways to make social media work.

There are some brands for whom social media is easy. When I was managing the Cinnamon Toast Crunch account, all we had to do was show the product and the crowd went wild. It helped that my team and I liked the product as much as the fans.

It’s not so easy for other brands.

Dockers are synonymous with “boring dad.”

Staples sells office supplies. Lame.

There’s absolutely nothing sexy about any insurance company.

What about tampons? My wife once sent me to quickly grab an enormous box of tampons at Costco, and then I walked around the entire expanse looking for her with the box of tampons under my arm. I can tell you, there’s nothing cool about tampons.

And yet, all of these products and brands have to have a presence in social media. Some are surprisingly successful.

How do they do it? Well, the answer is here in this handy infographic from

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