Forbes’ ‘PR quiz’ tests media intelligence

The 17-question quiz includes asking takers to identify the homes of TV networks, knowing your stuff about ‘House of Cards,’ and lots of social media.

I admit it. I have some brushing up to do on my digital media knowledge.

Forbes contributor Peter Himler has published the PR Quiz 4.0, a questionnaire he developed and administered to prospective agency hires to “assess fluency in the daily doings of our industry.”

The quiz asks questions including, “In which social media channels do ‘selfies’ typically reside (and propagate)?” I knew this one (Friendster, right?), but there were others I wasn’t so keen on.

Other question topics included the home countries of various television networks, which media outlets use native advertising, essay questions about reporter hiring practices, and even “House of Cards.”

Himler promises to publish the answers later this week, so there’s time to brush up and retake the quiz, which can be found here.

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