GM’s chief exec escapes from reporters in roped-off area

After Mary Barra made remarks at a General Motors event, she quickly retreated to a safe zone to get away from reporters asking questions about the automaker’s recall.

The past month or so has been something of a nightmare for General Motors. The automaker has had to recall 1.4 million cars with faulty ignition switches. Those ignition switches have been linked to 13 deaths and more than 30 accidents.

GM chief executive Mary Barra has testified before Congress, but lots of people still have lots of questions for her.

Case in point: Reporters surrounded the CEO at the JD Power Automotive Forum at the New York Auto Show on Tuesday afternoon, with some of those reporters describing the encounter as very physical:

At the next event of the day, an unveiling of some of Chevrolet’s new models, GM set up a “safe zone” for the CEO. As soon as she finished remarks about the new cars, she retreated behind a set of black ropes to protect herself from reporters. Business Insider has the pictures to prove it.

The safe zone was conveniently in front of a set of doors, so when Barra was ready to stop answering questions, she could simply slip out. Another GM exec, Head of Global Product Mark Reuss, also made use of the roped-off area when reporters approached him.

What do you think? Does it look bad for a CEO to retreat behind ropes to keep reporters at a distance?

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