McDonald’s horrifies Twitter with new Happy Meal mascot

Happy is an anthropomorphic, computer animated Happy Meal box with a mouth and eyes. The reaction to its U.S. unveiling was anything but happy.

McDonald’s is changing up its Happy Meals to be a little healthier, adding low-fat yogurt as a side. To celebrate, the fast food chain has unveiled a mascot specifically for its Happy Meals, and his name is Happy.

People think he’s horrifying.

Here’s Happy in action:

Happy isn’t a totally new character. He was originally introduced in France in 2009 and has made his way to other countries in Europe and Latin America since then. According to McDonald’s, he’s been well received so in those countries.

“Together, Happy and Go-GURT Low-Fat Strawberry Yogurt give kids and parents something to look forward to during their next trip to McDonald’s,” Julie Wenger, senior director of U.S. marketing for McDonald’s, said in a press release.

If the Twitter reaction to Happy’s unveiling to a U.S. audience is to be believed, however, diners won’t be looking forward to seeing the mascot at all. They’re going to have nightmares about him.

The Facebook reaction wasn’t much better, with several respondents saying Happy looks like a rip-off of the minions from the movie “Despicable Me,” even though his initial introduction actually predates that movie by a year.

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