AP Stylebook adds new religion section, ‘selfie’

Also of note: The rule that ‘over’ is an acceptable substitute for ‘more than’ is now in print.

The AP Stylebook has served for years as a bible of sorts for wordsmiths everywhere, and now that bible has a religion section to boot.

The new section contains more than 200 religious terms.

From the AP:

Religion writer Rachel Zoll helped create the new chapter, which combines existing terms from the Stylebook’s entries with new and revised entries, covering the world’s major denominations.

The new version of the Stylebook includes, in print, that writers can now use “over” to indicate greater numerical value.

As an editor explained it to me earlier in my career, “You jump over your opponent as you score more than they do.”

I think I’ll keep it “more than.”

And in a sure sign of the impending apocalypse, there’s now an entry for “selfie.” Other changes include entries for “bitcoin” and “polar vortex.”

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