12 most trendy clichés on social media

If you’ve ever used ‘said nobody ever,’ ‘see what I did there?’ or ”nuff said’ on social media, don’t do it again.

Any given day you will see at least one (if not several) overused clichés on social media.

Every time I see one, I can’t help thinking there’s a person on the other side smirking, enamored with his clever wit, even though we’ve seen these phrases millions of times.

We all do it.

Here are 12 of these “oh so clever” phrases:

1. “Well played, well played”

People usually say this when they’re enthused about something someone did, and wish they’d done it first.

2. “I’m just going to leave this here”

Say this if you’re dropping a bomb of a social media post, walking away and hoping your post will get a lot of engagement while you’re gone.

3. “… said no one ever”

People use this popular meme sarcastically when referencing a silly or paradoxical thought, and turning the tables on it.

4. “Drops mic, walks away”

Use this after you say something Earth-shattering that doesn’t impress anyone more than you. It’s funny and clever the first 10 times, but not after that.

5. “‘Nuff said”

This is like No. 2, but more abrupt. The killer quote or visual you posted says it all—and you want everyone to know it.

6. “okthxbai”

Say this in a quick staccato after you drop a snarky opinion or pointed remark—and then run away.

7. #foodporn

Yes, your gourmet spread looks fantastic. Share and hashtag away, but know the rest of us are feasting on Ritz crackers and peanut butter, so our enthusiasm for your meal may be slightly tempered. (But that just makes it all the more fun, doesn’t it?)

8. “Asking for a friend”

We all know you’re the one asking. And even though you know we know, it’s getting old. Can you please stop?

9. “See what I did there?”

Someone will use this when he does something so clever he can’t help but point it out. Of course, if it was actually clever he wouldn’t need to point it out.

10. “So and so won the Internet today”

If parading chimpanzees in tutus around an ice rink win the Internet, I’m going back to watching TV.

11. “That moment when …”

… insert an embarrassing moment here. This is overused, but it can lead to some funny (and healthy) self-deprecation.

12. “This”

“This” is the laziest of all social media commentary. It almost always accompanies an article or photo.

Are you guilty of any of these worn-out clichés? I am.

What did I leave out? Let me know in the comments.

This article is republished with permission, courtesy of 12 Most.


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