Critics target Clinton’s logo and ‘corporate’ approach to campaign

The presumed Democratic frontrunner eschewed the traditional speech in favor of a campaign announcement via YouTube video.

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By announcing her campaign for president in a YouTube video Sunday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seemed to show she’s learned a lesson from big-brand CEOs: If you say it in an online video instead of at a live event, it’s easier to control the message.

For some of Clinton’s critics, that’s the problem.

In a column on The Atlantic‘s website , writer Conor Friedersdorf opined that Clinton’s announcement had “corporate style” and “little substance.” Friedersdorf said he initially thought he was watching a pre-video ad when Clinton’s video began:

At the one-minute mark I began to wonder, “What is this ad even for? An investment bank? A health insurer? Windows 9?” After 90 seconds I was genuinely curious. And that’s when I heard the former secretary of state’s voice and realized what was going on: I was already watching Hillary’s announcement video.

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