Avoid these 10 time-wasting tweets

If you’re short on time, don’t tell Twitter good morning, share inspirational quotes or retweet what everyone has already seen. Here’s how to tweet smart and save time.

The question I’m asked most about social media is how to make time for it. There’s so much to do in a day. As a business owner, how do you find time to tweet, post to Facebook, or do any of the other social actions you must do to find customers?

My advice is typically two-fold:

  1. Schedule social media the same way you schedule other tasks.
  2. Stop wasting time doing things that don’t matter.

If you want to be successful in social media, you need to take it seriously. Schedule it the same way you schedule other work tasks—email, meetings with staff, work projects—to make it fit into your day.

However, you can also save and create time by not wasting it on pointless tweets.There are certain types of tweets and updates that we no longer need to write.

When you don’t post these updates, you increase your influence and free up time in your day to engage in ways that matter. It’s like magic.

Below are 10 tweets you should never post.

1. The “good morning” tweet

Do you wake up to see “Good Morning” or “Good Morning, Twitter” trending every day? This makes me fear for us as humans. Why do people do this? Why do you do this? Why do people feel the need to say good morning to Twitter? Stop!

While we’re at it, you also don’t need to say goodnight to Twitter. Twitter will sleep just fine even if you’re not there to tuck it in.

2. The inspirational quote tweet

One way to show how “deep” and “poignant” you are is to tweet or share quotes from other people. If you can’t think of something clever or motivational yourself, save your tweet for when you can.

3. The vague tweet

You’ve seen them:

“Super awesome product to announce soon. Sorry, can’t share details yet! HAHA! #hustlin”

If you can’t talk about it, don’t tweet about it. Otherwise, you’re just showboating and annoying all of us. Not surprising, the tech space is a huge offender of this.

4. Retweeting content everyone already saw

Maybe you do this in a vain attempt to increase your Klout score, but Mashable doesn’t need you to retweet its news. If Mashable wrote it, people will probably find it on their own.

If Chris Brogan has an exceptionally awesome post, share it. But instead of copying everyone else, find worthy content that others haven’t retweeted or shared to death. Your audience will appreciate it.

5. The name-dropper tweet

Every time you tweet that you’re having dinner with Scott Stratten, Brian Solis, Missy Ward, John Jantsch and (insert someone else) at the same time, you make everyone on the Internet roll their eyes at you.

If you were really that cool, you wouldn’t feel the need to out your dinner party to the world. You would just eat and enjoy their company. Instead, we see how inadequate you feel. And we feel sorry for you.

6. The “I have the best wife/husband/significant other” tweet

I’m happy you’re in a relationship. That’s awesome. But no one really cares. I mean, we care in that you’re a good person and we want you to be happy, but you don’t need to remind us of your relationship all the time.

The louder you yell about it, the more we think you need a shrink more than a tweet. Focus your tweets on why people follow you, not your new girlfriend.

7. Bandwagon tweets

Someone popular said something dumb, and the Internet came together to call him out and let everyone know how wrong he was. This sounds like just another day on the Internet, so sit this one out. Why add to the noise?

If you find it hard to fit social media into your day, you don’t need to waste time on bandwagon flame wars. Go talk to a potential customer. The Internet will flog the A-lister on its own.

8. The passive aggressive tweet

We’ve all been there. Someone irked you and you feel a burning urge to share your frustration with the world. But keep it yourself. Think of what you could accomplish if you saved all that passive aggressive energy and focused it on something more productive, like a new blog post, cool contest, or rescuing a kitten from a tree. The possibilities are endless.

9. The “Read my latest blog post!” tweet

You should let people know you have a new blog post, but don’t be a tool. Don’t scream it or tweet it 10 times in one day. Don’t act like you just cured cancer. Let people know it exists, and then get out of the way.

10. The “I love Mondays” tweet

Just shut up, OK? Monday is hard enough.

If you don’t have time for social media, it’s best to use the time you do have wisely.

Lisa Barone is the chief branding officer of Outspoken Media. She’s also very active on Twitter, much to the dismay of the rest of the world.


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