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Meet Health Care Communications Professional, Nigel O’Mahony

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A transplant from Ireland who earned his chops on Fleet Street and in senior management positions, Nigel O’Mahony accepted a job in Omaha, Nebraska to help launch Think Whole Person Healthcare. In 2018, O’Mahony was tasked with bringing more patients to Think, which focuses on increased interaction with primary care physicians and enabling those with chronic conditions to thrive. He did that, achieving a 21% increase. To achieve this goal, Nigel and his team showcased both the Think building and the group’s demonstrated outcomes using patient, doctor and care coordinator videos. Another campaign focused on emphasizing Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield Nebraska data that proved the organization kept people healthier through fewer ER and hospital visits, resulting in lower costs. O’Mahony and his team created content that highlighted the study, and successfully pitched local media on the data, bringing more new patients to Think.

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