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Meet Public Relations Professional, Grace Keith

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Grace Keith did not plan to be a communicator. She started out as a business analyst for a financial trading platform, but her work demonstrated an affinity for communication, and she joined the company’s newly formed in-house marketing team. After guiding the organization through two rebrands in five years (and lacking any formal PR training), she was asked by the CEO to bring the firm’s PR efforts in-house and to manage the unit. Later, she joined the Thomson Reuters PR team and managed PR for global businesses and technology platforms, focusing her efforts on the financial media. Now, at only 33 years of age, Keith is president of Caliber Corporate Advisers, a financial, fintech and professional services PR firm. She is sought after by the media for commentary on topics like crisis communication. As a lifetime member of NYU’s Stern Women in Business group, she devotes time to addressing the underrepresentation of women in corporate finance.

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