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Casie Shimansky, Editor of the Year

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Editors are often asked, “Work your magic on this, please.”

Cisco’s Casie Shimansky takes that to heart, adding what she calls her “pixie dust” to every bit of text she handles.

The sorcery clearly works. As copywriter and content editor for Cisco’s talent brand team and managing editor of the Life at Cisco blog, Shimanksy has won her colleagues’ admiration—and Ragan and PR Daily’s Editor of the Year honors.

Shimansky transforms jargon-heavy copy into heartfelt stories. She turns reluctant employees into guest writers, encouraging them with: “Your words, our help.” She coaxes them to open up and share where the pearl is. Then she extracts and polishes it.

Her talents transcend her extensive work on the Life at Cisco blog. Shimansky’s excellence pervades Cisco’s careers website, in recruiting and marketing materials, targeted candidate recruitment ads and even job descriptions.

On top of that, Shimansky organizes the content calendar, develops the editorial process, publishes the content, and oversees the blog’s monthly metrics.  

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