Green and Environmental Stewardship

Discovery Education makes it easy for teachers to educate students about aluminum

Materials housed on a website are available to educators and parents.

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Teachers these days can find it difficult to access the resources they need to teach effectively. Novelis decided to do something about it—and in doing so, it’s earned first place in the “Green and Environmental Stewardship” category of PR Daily’s 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards.

Novelis is the largest rolled aluminum product company—and the world’s biggest aluminum recycler. Working with Discovery Education, the company developed an entire educational program housed on a website. 

“Life of a Can” educates students about both aluminum and recycling. The resources available include a video starring a former National Hockey League player, five classroom activities, a digital lesson bundle and a guide on starting a local recycling program. 

By navigating Cantown, USA, students are able to follow a can from the mining of the materials used to make it all the way through to recycling. The site also features three family activities, allowing teachers to extend the lesson from the classroom to students’ homes. 

By tapping into Discovery Education’s 2.8 million teachers and 35 million students, the program has reached 2 million students since it was launched; resources have been downloaded 33,000 times. 

In addition to targeted outreach through its user base, Discovery Education spread the word through the education trade press, direct-to-teacher e-blasts and newsletter callouts, social media and grassroots outreach to the organization’s teachers’ network.  The program has also been a social media hit, achieving 18 million impressions. 

This comprehensive program is a model for organizations looking to help teachers and students alike learn about sustainability and its relationship to aluminum products.

Congratulations to Novelis’ Stacie Kronthal and Laura Reif.


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