Arrow Electronics’ CSR report is a showcase for model program’s achievements

In addition to conveying important information, the report was highly readable.

Five Years Out/Arrow Global CSR Program Annual Report (2017) - Logo -

The 2017 CSR report from Arrow Electronics continues the company’s highly regarded “Five Years Out” theme, while introducing new elements of the program. It’s the winner in the “Report” category of PR Daily’s 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards.

Corporate social responsibility at Arrow Electronics goes far beyond traditional programs and alignment with its business. The company partners with organizations as part of its business strategy, pursuing innovations that not only make the world a better place but also strengthen the company’s reputation as an industry leader while advancing technologies.

The report is designed to make information about the “Five Years Out” program easily accessible to all of Arrow’s stakeholders, cultivating trust and fostering a more collaborative working environment. The most recent report updates readers on the company’s work to make driving more accessible to the disabled, introduces global metrics highlighting its CSR partner organizations, highlights the donation of refurbished tech gear to schools and charitable organizations, and much more. 

The book is organized based on Arrow’s five CSR campaigns (Innovating Lives, Innovating Tomorrow, Innovating Talent, Innovating Culture and Innovating Communities). In addition to serving as a comprehensive overview of Arrow’s commitment to CSR, it is a gorgeous work, taking advantage of outstanding black-and-white photography, with color sprinkled into the mix via infographics, maps and other nonphoto elements. The writing is concise but moving, the design is intensely visual, and readers are compelled to turn the page. 

Congratulations to Joe Verrengia, Alex West and John Hourigan.

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