Best Design (Electronic Publication)

A.T. Still University's e-magazine invites interactivity

A spinoff of the print publication of the same name, Still Magazine, online more than fulfilled its creators' expectations that it would boost reader response.

A. T. Still University of Health and Sciences already has a print version of Still Magazine with an audience of about 17,000 ATSU graduates, students, faculty, staff, and friends and supporters of the University. They faced the challenge of making their publication even more accessible, both to reach their audience of print readers electronically and to attract new audiences.

Created as a supplement to the print version, Still Magazine online is an intriguing little publication packed with stories that appeal to readers academically, professionally, and personally.

That’s what helped make Still Magazine the winner in the Best Design (Electronic Publication) category in Ragan’s Employee Communications Awards for 2011.

According to its results on Goolge Analytics, “Data show that between Jan. 1 and Dec. 5, 2011, the magazine’s website received nearly 500 visits per month. Visitors from approximately 80 countries and territories spent an average of 1minute, 58 seconds on the site.”

The site appeals to readers through engaging images, easy navigation, and a fresh, user-friendly layout. Stories are presented in manner that encourages reader participation and interaction with other readers, sparking discussions and possible new story leads. Share options using social media tools and email help extend the reach of Still Magazine to an even wider audience.

The site’s design has a clean, welcoming appeal. Anyone can land on this page and easily find topics of interest with very few clicks. Visitors want to learn more, because the images demand their attention. It also accomplishes the difficult task of presenting a lot of stories and information without overwhelming the reader. The site makes you feel that you can check out a couple of stories, regardless of your busy schedule. This is especially important for a publication whose readers are primarily medical students and alumni working in medicine.

The success of the design can be measured by the following excerpt from their synopsis: “The editor received 50 messages from alumni and other readers as far away as Kenya. … Before launching the online edition, the number of people writing the editor was two or three a year.” Still Magazine online is a delightful supplement to the print pub.

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