Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, rebrands its intranet with a fresh design

New look emphasizes a more casual simplicity, engaging colors and a warm welcoming atmosphere that encourages click-throughs

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island has won the 2011 Ragan Employee Communications Award for “Best Intranet Design.”

In an attempt to rebrand its employee intranet, it created a fresh, engaging design to increase employee traffic and convey important company news. It was facing a business transformation and culture change and needed a way to make that transformation easier on employees while educating them on changes in policies and processes.

From the eye-catching colors and intriguing graphics, to the easy navigation and personal stories, it managed to design an employee portal that welcomes the reader and encourages click-throughs.

The success of the site relies heavily on the concept of a more casual approach in the design, which speaks to the employees on a more personal level, eliminating the formality and getting to the heart of the matter. The themed graphics encourage participation and allude to having a voice in company matters. Readers are encouraged to explore all the information the site has to offer. The design avoids boring them with a superfluity of links that will rarely be clicked and wearying them with wordy blocks of copy that will sit unread.

The clean, modern lines of the site help organize information in a way that doesn’t overwhelm. And yet, the site offers many points of entry, each delivered in its own special packaging, while it still maintains the overall design theme. The navigation and quick links are easy and intuitive.

Features like the blog, the videos and instant polling help break up the page layouts and encourage even more interaction. The interior pages are clean and simple, giving the employee more time to read and requiring less time digging for information.

The rebrand resulted in increased traffic, repeat visits, and more engaged, motivated employees. Exactly the kind of results you’d like to have when you’re trying to unite your employees during a complex business transformation.

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