Employee Annual Report

Beyond facts and figures, Rightpoint’s report highlights faces and fun

The team behind the annual update realizes its importance for its recruitment, retention, and marketing efforts.

Though an employee annual report’s primary audience is the workforce, its message extends far beyond the workplace. It serves as a recruiting tool, a retention instrument, and a marketing campaign, an expression of a company’s culture that ideally will attract both long-term employees and loyal customers.

Rightpoint’s 2011 employee annual report showcases a workplace of engaged, cheerful employees. The business and technology consulting firm has a staff of 70 people (“our peeps”), most of whom can be seen, yearbook-style, on the pages of this attractively designed document—and many of whom are heard from in their own words, and praised by the company’s customers.

Those are among the reasons Rightpoint has won top honors for Employee Annual Report for in Ragan’s Employee Communications Awards for 2011.

What stands out is a sense of commitment combined with an atmosphere of fun. Page after page highlights employee contributions to the company’s clients, along with Rightpoint’s philosophy and culture. A “Culture Club” manages community service initiatives as well as social activities. A “Wow Wall” shares testimonials and appreciation from clients.

In the end, the report’s writers acknowledge that “it’s not about the bling,” but about recognition from clients and colleagues and the satisfaction of a job well done. Rightpoint’s report succeeds in giving readers a glimpse into a company with a culture that anyone would want to work in.

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