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CDW mobile app for conference attendees wins top honors

App creator FLIRT Communications and partner DoubleDutch creates an engaging way for vendors to interact with each other.

Since the inception of the smartphone, mobile applications have vastly revolutionized the communications landscape. But that landscape is still changing, and applications developed for internal relations demonstrate said notion.

FLIRT Communications found that out when it was commissioned to create an engaging app for the annual CDW Partner Summit, a three-day event and conference for client CDW’s vendors.

The app was created to help vendors learn about CDW’s latest marketing and communications initiatives, put that technology in their fingertips, and turn the event into an interactive experience. Its mobile app did just that, and nabbed top honors in the 2011 Ragan Employee Communications Awards for Best Mobile Application.

Prior to the conference, FLIRT built anticipation for the app on behalf of its client through an email blitz. It also provided live demos and webcasts to CDW employees so that come time for the event, they were ready to share information and knowledge about the app. At the event, FLIRT set up an app lounge to help attendees learn how to use the app. It also held contests and prizes to elicit participation.

And what a response it got.

Of the 744 attendees, 394 downloaded the app via Apple, while 232 Android users accessed the technology, all for the purpose of taking part in the internal dialogue it provided at the event. Vendors and employees shared where they checked-in, what they liked, status updates, over 500 photos, and more.

FLIRT says its mission is to craft personal connections that inspire the heart and ignite passion for performance. What better way to accomplish that than starting with the inspiration and communicative efforts centered at a company’s own heart—that, of course, being its employees. We, at Ragan, feel it accomplished just that.

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