Most Improved Design (Print)

Bold visuals bring triumph for TetraVision

Tetra Tech’s employee magazine wins laurels with a compelling blend of location photos, staff recognition, and well-packaged information.

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The visual challenge for many employee magazines lies in subject matter. Certain topics can be inherently dry or exceedingly audience-specific. The elevation of what could simply be perfunctory delivery of technical information into visually inviting—even arresting—story packages deserves special recognition.

The editorial team at Tetra Tech has certainly rung the bell with the employee magazine TetraVision, winner of the Most Improved Design for print publications in Ragan’s Employee Communications Awards for 2011.

Tetra Tech provides consulting, engineering, program management, construction, and technical services. Published in English and French, TetraVision connects more than 13,000 employees across multiple time zones, countries, and professional disciplines.

The issue submitted for consideration, Winter 2011, was a wow from the striking front cover all the way through to the infographic on the back cover. The visual boldness of the photo selection and the compelling layout style—with headlines, teasers, and captions overlaid in the dominant photos’ negative space—create a cohesive motif without becoming repetitious.

The photos themselves give context—with an eye to waterfronts, wildlife, and recreational activities, as well as to global venues—to the array of services the company provides. It’s not all about project locations, of course. The employees themselves are an essential element, and service recognition is right up front on the inside cover. Laurels for a companywide photo contest are afforded a two-page spread.

Packaging of main articles and sidebars is done thoughtfully; in one instance, a vertical timeline offers a clever twist that really pops while optimizing the available space. Graphics throughout the magazine provide solid, accessible information. The overall presentation makes TetraVision a publication that would appeal even to readers who don’t work for Tetra Tech.

We congratulate Talia Starkey, director of communications, and Chris Green, senior graphic designer, for their talent and hard work in the improvements to TetraVision

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