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Microsoft ‘showcases’ its IT perspective with launch of new mobile app

Designed for its Windows phone, the company’s app provides users and sales team members an inside look at trends and best practices from within the organization.

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Generally speaking, it’s not enough to merely talk the talk. You have to walk the walk, as well.

Yet in the communications field, talking the talk is walking the walk, as the one can’t and never should be mutually exclusive from the other.

Most recently, this very talk at Microsoft Corporation is coming directly from its employees, with the company’s information technology (IT) department initiating most of the vociferous chatter.

This is in part thanks to the company’s Microsoft IT Showcase Windows Phone application. Launched in May 2012, the app shares both the organization and its staff’s perspective on industry trends and best practices for its sales team.

Sending alerts on various articles and media, the app provides comprehensive search capabilities to help users find, read, save, and share content from their mobile devices.

In doing so, Microsoft has put its employees’ interests front and center while also providing users access to a variety of syndicated content with simply a few taps of the screen. 

Presenting this inside view of the Microsoft IT process, the Showcase answers more than just “How Microsoft Does IT.” Senior marketing manager Anne Legato and her team also demonstrate how any brand or corporation should employ mobile as an extension of both its internal and external communications efforts.

In fact, nearly 64 percent of Microsoft’s own sales team employ the app, with survey feedback by the company indicating that the mobile tool is “very useful” in helping them close deals.

This number is no doubt reflective of the app’s four out of five star rating in the Microsoft Windows Phone app store. 

And the high marks continue. Microsoft is now Ragan’s 2012 Employee Communications Awards winner for Best Mobile Application. Congrats.

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