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Health benefits company uses video to inspire employees

WellPoint Inc. created a video to show employees how their work benefits the people in their community.

You can’t force employees to believe in your company. A company has to build trust and loyalty through its actions. 

WellPoint Inc. knows this.

As a health benefits company, the WellPoint team believes it’s important to care for not only people’s health, but their well-being. To show employees how the company goes above and beyond for its members and community, WellPoint staff created a video about one of the foundations it partners with—the Jessie Rees Foundation.

The quality of the video’s script, videography, and emotional message earned WellPoint first place in the Best Interview Video category of Ragan’s 2012 Employee Communications Awards. We congratulate Steve Gutekunst and Kelli Stauning, who are responsible for the project.

The video tells the story of how 12-year-old Jessie Rees, for whom the foundation is named, came up with the idea for Jessie’s Joy Jars—jars filled with toys for children fighting cancer—and how WellPoint is helping the foundation today. In the video, Jessie’s father, Erik, explains how his daughter, also afflicted with cancer, wanted to bring joy to other children fighting illness. While Jessie lost her fight with cancer in 2012, her foundation continues to grow, and WellPoint is a part of that growth.

The video features an interview with Erik. To bring viewers into the story and connect them with the Rees family, WellPoint blended re-enactments with real photos of Jessie. It also seamlessly fused narration with parts of Erik’s interview to keep the storytelling smooth and genuine.

The video was successful because it enabled WellPoint to show its employees how the work they do improves the lives of other people. It gave employees a personal connection to a family they served, a way to continue to help that family and its foundation to grow, and in turn a way to help even more.

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