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Mouthwatering video about two chocolatiers tells about entrepreneurs in an Arab state

This video by Omran wins our award for Best Marketing Video because of its powerful, engaging story.

This isn’t just a video about chocolate

This is a story about a woman, her passion, and her country. 

It tells a beautiful, 3:20-minute story about two chocolatiers based in Oman, Salma and Aisha Al Hajri. These entrepreneurs started their business from scratch and want the world to know about the delicacies of their sweets, Salma’s Chocolates. 

It doesn’t “feel” like a YouTube video—it actually has a “feeling.” With a strong central character, melodic music, and gorgeous stills of mouthwatering caramelized sesame, it feels more like you’re watching a movie. Top honors in the Best Marketing Video category of Ragan’s 2012 Employee Communication Awards go to Omran, the company that produced the video. 

Omran is a tourism-related investment‚ development, and management company in Oman. The company helped the entrepreneurs start their own business and create, market, package, and sell their products. Salma’s Chocolates only uses Omani ingredients, such as dates, lemons, and rose water. 

“The video produced to promote Salma’s Chocolates tells the story of chocolate-making and raises awareness of a new presence in the market, the industry and introduces Omani products into the local, regional and international arena,” according to the entry. 

The video has been produced in both Arabic and English. Within the first 24 hours, the Arabic video was viewed more than 30,000 times. Since the video, Salma’s Chocolates has already sold its product to third-party suppliers. It plans to start promoting its goods in the U.S. and U.K. The duo has already traveled overseas to learn new techniques about chocolate-making. 

“Salma’s Chocolates is about promoting Oman and Salma believes a box of chocolates can say a lot about a country,” according to the entry.

We couldn’t agree more.

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