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Franklin Templeton Investments captures history, culture, and personalities in Frankfurt

Its ‘Hello from Frankfurt’ video helped this organization promote its global corporate culture and bridge understanding among its employees.

Powerful camera work, engaging storytelling, and skillful editing earned Franklin Templeton Investments top honors in Ragan’s 2012 Employee Communications Awards in the Best News Story Video category.

We congratulate the team that collaborated on the winning effort.

If you’ve ever worked for an organization with employees scattered across the country or the globe, you know one of the challenges is understanding where the diverse colleagues have been, how they fit into the picture, and what it’s like where they live and work. Imagine how difficult that must be when your company has 8,000 employees working in 50 offices in 36 countries. 

Its Frankfurt video is one of the “Hello From” series Franklin Templeton started in 2008. As the team’s senior business leaders “pass the ball,” they present an interesting look at the evolution and growth of the business in its German market. They also provide glimpses of their unique contributions and interests and of their community.

This video, produced in 2012, was among the organization’s most popular Internet features last year, and we can see why. It’s captivating, from the powerful way the camera zooms in on the city at the beginning and out at the end of the video, to the creative way the storytelling “bounces” from one leader to another, to the way each of them holds viewers’ attention with a conversational tone and unique look at their time with the company and interests in the community.  

With collaboration from employees in Germany, Poland, and the U.S., Franklin Templeton has created a winning work that gives an inside look at its Frankfurt office, the staff, and the culture. 

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