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DaVita HealthCare Partners’ magazine cuts cost, not content

This magazine shakes up its distribution process by going digital and saves the company $100,000. 

Stories of the DaVita Village 2013 - Logo -

DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc. delivers dialysis services to patients with chronic kidney failure and end-stage renal disease.

Its magazine is focused on telling the stories of employees and patients. 

Stories of the DaVita Village wins the prize for Best Magazine (Electronic) in Ragan’s 2013 Employee Communications Awards because it changed its entire distribution process and revamped the magazine with fresh content. 

The magazine was created in 2007 as a print magazine and was mailed to 45,000 employees. After DaVita evaluated printing and postage costs, it became an electronic publication, reducing costs by $100,000 in 2013. Plus, now that it’s in digital form, communicators can collect analytics about viewership of the magazine. 

Besides the cost savings, there was more content. Since there were more digital issues than print issues, 14 new pages of content were added. Also, communicators added 18 videos to the digital publication. The digital magazine is tablet-friendly, too. 

“Money not spent on printing a publication can be redirected to additional community and collaborative types of internal communications,” according to the entry. “We are proud of our decision to bring [our publication] online and into even more teammates’ hands.” 

Congratulations to Steve Hammack, Kristin Hayek, Parker Johnson, and Blaise Tracy. 


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