Best Employee Annual Report

FactSet tops Ragan awards with employee annual report

Annual report weaves history, employee photos, and fiscal information while celebrating company culture.

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It was the 35th anniversary of FactSet, a multinational financial data and software company headquartered in Norwalk, Conn.

How to mark the occasion in the annual report? The company created a report that blended its history with highlights from fiscal 2013, telling its story in an engaging way so employees would better understand how FactSet works and how they fit into it. 

The result was a dynamic report that claims Ragan’s 2013 Employee Communications Award for Best Employee Annual Report.

The report hit its mark, FactSet states. Readership among the company’s 6,000 employees in 28 global office locations was the highest of any of the monthly e-newsletters in 2013. 

Out of roughly 2,500 onshore and 3,500 offshore employees, more than 2,500 unique visitors touched the report almost 17,000 times.

The report explained financials, gave history about the founders, discussed the employees themselves, and celebrated company culture and community outreach projects.

The report was released on Sept. 25, 2013. An announcement was emailed to all employees, and it was further promoted on the company’s enterprise social network.

A follow-up survey revealed that 68 percent of respondents valued the report, and 85 percent would like to see an employee annual report every year.

Best of all, FactSet avoided corporate blather.

“The style of the report was conversational and concise,” FactSet states. “The tone struck a balance between being positive and upbeat while still being genuine.”

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