Best Humorous Video

Video: The truth about your office equipment at night

Aon Hewitt makes office equipment delightful and funny with its Halloween video. 

What Office Equipment Does at Night - Logo -

Ever wonder what happens to your office equipment at night? 

Aon Hewitt, a management consulting company, does. 

It created a quirky, funny Halloween video on no budget to show what happens to staplers, copiers, and printers when employees go home. It wins the prize for Best Humorous Video in Ragan’s 2013 Employee Communications Awards because … well, the video is just downright funny. 

The company created the video because lately, it had been doing a lot of business-related videos. It was time to create a video that would go “viral” internally. Another goal for the video was to encourage more employees to rediscover and participate in the video-sharing platform Studio Aon (HewTube). 

The video turned out to be the highest viewed of all—with more than 4,000 views and additional viewings in team meetings. That’s right up there with the CEO’s videos, according to the entry. 


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