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Profile of employee in snakeskin print wins prize

Moving beyond a dreary corporate voice, the British Columbia Pension Corporation offers a lively view of a ‘deity of the Office of Enterprise Transformation.’



Employee profiles on the intranet can often be slapdash affairs, compiled from interview forms and written in a dreary organizational voice.

That is not the case with a profile by writer Tanya Demmings for the British Columbia Pension Corporation’s InfoHub. It’s the liveliness of her story about a “deity of the Office of Enterprise Transformation” that swayed our judges in the Best Interview or Profile category of Ragan’s 2013 Employee Communications Awards.

Demmings topped a strong field of contenders to take home the prize. Consider her lede:

Hera McIntyre claims she is not interesting. 

This from a woman who is dressed for a day of work at the Pension Corporation in snakeskin print leggings, black boots, a sleeveless flowing tunic, multiple leather bangles and silver hoop earrings that slip from beneath her long, black hair to below her jawline. 

She’s Armenian. She has a 98-year-old father. She’s a self-described “crazy, energetic” but “logical, structured” person. She’s a fitness fanatic—yoga, pilates, weight training—who drinks Ouzo like water (it’s a cultural thing). 

Oh, and she’s named for a goddess.  
The company’s staff profiles run monthly on its intranet home page to allow employees to get to know their peers. As B.C. Pension Corporation puts it, “Tanya does an excellent job of explaining the employee’s role at the corporation while making it an engaging, fun and informative read.”

Our judges offer an ouzo toast to that.


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