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AT&T staffers face myriad challenges in Alaska

The smartly shot video combines vivid imagery and interviews for a superb example of storytelling.

A chilling video on how we serve customers in Alaska - Logo -

Sure, Alaska’s cold. 

Yet until you see a cup of boiling water tossed into the air and turn instantly into snow—and blow away at high speed—you might not appreciate what -35 degrees Fahrenheit means.

A dedicated group of AT&T workers stationed there gets it, though. Those staffers understand why a pistol is standard gear (for bear attacks), and how three days’ provisions can seem woefully insufficient.

An internal video depicts the rugged terrain, the harsh climate, the potential perils, and other rigors of a day’s work. In doing so in vivid fashion, it also won Ragan’s 2013 Employee Communications Award for Best News Story Video. 

AT&T’s communication team—and the employees featured on camera—worked with FleishmanHillard in crafting “A chilling video on how we serve customers in Alaska.” 

The cinematography and editing are superb, but it is the compelling storytelling that evokes admiration.

One employee commented: 

“I had to watch this video again. It’s just amazing to me. I appreciate my job and the company I represent even more after watching. Yes, I do agree that this should become a reality show. AT&T Network in Alaska, you do us proud. Thank you so much for your service to our customers.”

Instilling pride and making a connection with far-flung colleagues is a lofty objective for any internal communicator. Achieving it in such vibrant fashion is to be applauded. And so we have done so.

Special kudos go out to Kelly Lambrecht, managing supervisor at FleishmanHillard, and Frank Merriman, lead consultant for internal communications at AT&T.

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