Best Re-branding Campaign

CLEAResult aims for cohesive clarity with latest rebranding

Keeping its vision sharp and its message well-defined, the company unifies its look, as well as its staff, following a period of growth and acquisitions.

 CLEAResult Rebrand - Logo -

When a company has the word “clear” right in its name, there’s a certain weight and precedent that’s set before it.

Just ask CLEAResult.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the organization had already demonstrated the power of energy efficiency when it came to providing tailored utility programs for individuals as well as business clients.

However, that same level of efficiency needed to be reflected inside the organization, as well.

Due to exponential expansion through a series of strategic acquisitions, CLEAResult saw a need to reassure staff members—new and old—that their former sense of individual company cultures and ways of doing business wouldn’t be lost.

To do that, CLEAResult set out to rebrand itself from the inside out with a more cohesive focus that all of its workers could connect under, regardless of department, office, or geographical location.

Eleven full-time employees from its headquarters, as well as its office in Portland, Ore., worked closely together on all aspects of the rebrand via conference calls, video chats, and on-site meetings, while also partnering with CLEAResult’s IT, HR, and finance teams to ensure everything remained in line with its formal integration.

The team conducted extensive research, including a workshop with executives, interviews with managers, and a thorough review and analysis of ongoing client satisfaction and employee surveys. 

Using this information, a brand platform was created that emphasized CLEAResult’s core attributes from across its entire family of new companies. These attributes would ultimately help shape the rebranding’s visual design, messaging, content, marketing, and communications. 

While this was all being done, CLEAResult’s Weekly Wire newsletter was also used in the months leading up to the rebrand’s launch in order to highlight co-workers from different regions and create a more unified front among the various offices. The Weekly Wire also allowed a medium to educate the organization about the rebrand, but without officially allowing staffers to see it just yet. For that, employees would have to wait a bit longer until after further internal reviews and refinement had finished.  

The day did finally come, though. 

After a week jam-packed with employee gifts, events, and celebrations, the new brand came fully to light on Dec. 13, 2013, in conjunction with the formal integration of the entire organization. It was during this time that each of the newly attained companies not only adopted the CLEAResult name, but judging from this Vine video compilation, finally felt connected as a single, efficient unit.

Celebration of CLEAResult’s efforts doesn’t stop there, though. It’s our pleasure to name it our choice for Best Rebranding Campaign in Ragan’s 2013 Employee Communications Awards. 


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