Best Value to Employees

Energy company rebrands intranet to reflect corporate culture

Can an intranet be both functional and fun? For MEG Energy, the answer is yes. Plus, the combination increased the amount of time employees spend on the site.

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The word itself is enough to summon a yawn.

So many intranets are boring, disorganized, and outdated. And more often than not, employees hate spending time on them.

That’s why MEG Energy’s intranet stood out and earned first place in the Best Value to Employees category of Ragan’s 2013 Employee Communications Awards. MEG Energy’s intranet is as colorful, personable, and enjoyable to visit as the people who work at the company.

The communications team’s goal for the intranet was to not only make it user-friendly and functional, but to have it reflect the vibrant culture of the company.

The first thing you notice about the intranet is that, while it looks professional, it also looks approachable. The predominant colors on the site are blue and white, and photos figure prominently on each page.

While each employee gets his or her own profile, each department does as well. These department profiles serve not only employees in the department, but others in the company who want to keep up with projects and brainstorm ways departments can work together. 

Each department profile showcases a large photo that relates to the department’s work, as well as a featured video. There is a summary of the department’s responsibilities and focus areas, department news, a contact list with each employee in the department, media information, frequently asked questions, and related documents and policies.

Additionally, specific company projects also have profile pages. These profiles serve as hubs where anyone in the company can get information about a project. Information available includes contact information, related documents, media materials, and news.

The intranet also features areas for special interest groups—places where people with similar personal interests can come together.

Of course, it doesn’t matter how many neat features an intranet has if employees don’t use them. Fortunately for MEG Energy, page views are up 296 percent compared to the old intranet, and the bounce rate is down 33 percent.


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