Best Interview VIdeo

ITG innovation videos package inside info in an entertaining way

The financial services company took potentially boring topics and made them compelling in a series of employee interviews.

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The intricate details of someone’s job can quickly become boring, even to people who work in the same industry or in the same organization.

Communications professionals at financial services firm ITG took that into account when they put together a series of well-produced, excitingly shot, and, perhaps most important, brief videos as part of a campaign to highlight innovation at the company. Interviewers spoke with 18 employees across departments, asking them questions about how they tackled big challenges in their jobs, collaboration, and the culture of ITG.

From those interviews, communicators created 11 videos that tell complete stories in about a minute each. No point is belabored, and the clever use of b-roll keeps each video visually interesting. ITG’s well-produced video series makes it the winner of Ragan’s 2014 Employee Communications Award for Best Interview Video.

The clever videos have struck a chord with employees, too. The microsite for the Innovation campaign has earned more than 1,000 page views, and the average time someone spends on the site is four minutes—which means people are watching the videos.

Since the site’s launch, ITG has seen a refreshed commitment to innovation. That’s a real sign of success.

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