Best Re-branding Campaign

Employees enlisted as brand ambassadors in monumental rebranding effort

Many employees had emotional connections to the old brand, but a long-term plan built enthusiasm.

Setting the Stage Campaign - Logo -

Rebranding is a difficult enough proposition, but Metrie had some challenges most organizations don’t face. 

Not only was the name of the company changing—along with the look and feel of the organization’s identity—but the renamed company was also going after a new demographic while many employees were vested in the old identity, established more than half a century earlier by the family that started the company, and whose descendants own it today. 

No quick fix would do if the communications and marketing team were to succeed at enlisting employees as ambassadors for the new brand. A five-phase campaign began with preparing the workforce and progressed to informing them of the change, educating them about the details, generating enthusiasm, and maintaining and building momentum. 

The components of the plan were as wide-reaching as its scope, from online education sessions to town hall meetings, from volunteer brand champions leading local town hall meetings to companywide launch day celebrations. The communication was compelling, adopting a theatrical “setting the stage” motif and taking advantage of virtually all available communication channels. 

Post-launch research found that virtually every employee could answer the question, “What is the main reason for the change the company is making?” Results were almost as high for other key responses, including a nearly 100 percent understanding of the company’s business strategy. 

We are pleased to recognize Metrie and its marketing team, with Ragan’s 2014 Employee Communications Award for Best Rebranding Campaign.

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