Best Annual Report (Print)

AMF revamps Alameda Hospital System as a sparkling new ‘House of Brands’

Alameda Hospital Systems wanted to update its image. AMF Media designed its annual report to do just that.

AHS Annual Report - Logo -

In previous years AHS had grown and diversified, coming to control five hospitals and four wellness centers in the Oakland area. Each hospital has its own personality and area of expertise, and AMF produced the 2013 AHS Annual Report to showcase these areas of strength.
Some highlights of the effort:

  • The report was launched at the AHS 2014 Community Meeting, put on to show AHS as one of Oakland’s health-care keystones, with new expanded facilities and specialty services.
  • AMF produced videos for this event telling how AHS had rebuilt several patients’ lives.
  • The report’s heavily visual look “echoed and coordinated” an ambitious integrated rebranding campaign already in progress, directed by AMF Media Group.
  • >The report’s clean, dramatic style, and its aggressive use of big branding type reinforce the image of a dynamic hospital pushing its way up to prominence and regional notice.
  • >There’s very little hospital-administrator babble; instead, plenty of print touts the excellences of new AHS services. All these details are presented to be visually persuasive too.
  • The annual report devotes one full page of text to each of AHS’ four satellite hospitals: John George Psychiatric Hospital, Highland Teaching Hospital, Fairmont Specialized Care Hospital, and San Leandro Community Hospital. The hospitals’ areas of special strength are expertly presented.

Congratulations to the AMF Media Group staff for producing this powerful argument for a hospital system on its way up! 

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