Best Safety Video

Ultra-short safety series recognizes new video trends

Sound isn’t required to convey key safety issues for ConEd workers.

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The dramatic shift to mobile for all manner of content has sparked a significant change in video production. People watch videos on their phones, where brevity is vital. 
Con Edison opted for this approach in developing its series of safety videos. The utility’s success is reflected in its first place award in the “Safety Video” category of Ragan’s 2015 Employee Communications Awards. 

Each video is less than 40 seconds long, and sound isn’t required. Text overlays and video insets do the heavy lifting in these videos, which are played on the digital video screens situated in many of ConEd’s work locations. 

Topics cover slips, trips and falls; backing work up; and work site safety. They are instantly identifiable by the safety cone that appears in the corner of the screen as each video begins; as the scenario plays out, color fills the cone. 

The videos deliver important safety information quickly; a glance at the screen when a video is playing is enough to absorb the message. For leveraging a video trend to achieve a compelling result, congratulations go to Ian DiSalvo, Chris Stetson, and Jim Kelly.


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