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Natural gas organization promotes electric cars with one employee’s story

A real employee’s tale of deciding to go electric brings an organization to life.

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Ameren offers its employees a rebate when they purchase a plug-in electric vehicle as part of the natural gas utility’s overall commitment to sustainability. To remind employees that the rebate is available, communicators decided to tell a real story about a real employee making the decision to buy an electric car. That story has won Ameren first place in the “Feature Article (Print)” category of Ragan’s 2016 Employee Communications Awards. 

The employee was Chris Chamoun. The article calculated her potential savings ($12,850) from switching from a gasoline-powered car to electric, and included a testimonial from another Ameren employee whose experience with electric cars has been positive. Photos include a side-by-side comparison of a gasoline and electric car being fueled, an infographic detailing the savings possible from electric car ownership, and a photo of Chamoun herself. 

The article, as part of a broader campaign to raise awareness of the employee rebate ($2,500 for purchasing an electric car and $1,500 for leasing one), has led 20 of Chamoun’s co-workers to take the plunge themselves. 

For an effective and engaging storytelling technique and leveraging the power of an infographic, kudos to writer Evan Asher, editor Keith Anderson and creative director Jill Fonville. 

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