Employee Advocacy

@HiltonSuggests lets employees share travel tips

Rebranding of employee advocacy program reached 20 percent more travelers in more markets.

Hilton Suggests: Delighting Travelers with Local Recommendations - Logo - https://s39939.pcdn.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Employee-Advocacy.1.png

Most employee advocacy programs look boringly similar: Employees download an app, see content the organization has produced and choose which items to share in their online communities. Not so with Hilton, whose approach is both original and targets a specific business opportunity. That’s why Hilton is the winner in the “Employee Advocacy” category of Ragan’s 2017 Employee Communications Awards.

If you have ever asked your online community for advice about what to do, what to see and where to eat when planning to visit a location, you understand the basis of @HiltonSuggests, which taps into employees’ knowledge of their local environs as influencers, foodies, photographers, weekenders and local travel experts. 

Hilton listens on Twitter for travelers asking questions, then offers one of its advocates living and working in that area to contribute a response, creating an experience that surprises and delights the traveler. 

A relaunch of @HiltonSuggests included a refreshed design strategy for internal marketing purposes, along with such other elements as an internal marketing program to raise the program’s visibility. Hilton also implemented a new recognition program to honor the participation of team members. 

The relaunch paid off, reaching 20 percent more travelers in more markets. There was also an increase of 20 percent  in the number of Hilton employees participating in the program. “Team Members sent out 21,299 responses to travelers around the world, which also helped grow our Twitter account following to over 11,700 followers,” according Hilton.

Congratulations to Hilton’s Sabrina Callahan, Lee Diaz and Desiree Jeffries. 

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