Internal audio network brings podcasts to BC Pension employees

CEO hosts one show; the other surfaces the employee voice.

InfoHub Audio Network: StaffCast and At the Table with Laura - Logo - https://s39939.pcdn.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Podcast.png

Podcasts, which have been around since 2004, have gone mainstream. For most internal communicators, though, podcasting isn’t even on their radar. One exception is BC Pension Corporation, which has won first place in the “Podcast” category of Ragan’s 2017 Employee Communications Awards.

The organization has created an audio hub to accommodate multiple podcasts. Two have already been introduced: “At the Table with Laura” features CEO Laura Nashman speaking with subject matter experts and thought leaders about various dimensions of business and change, and “StaffCast,” which presents the frontline perspective on organizational transformation, hosted by a member of the internal communications team. 

Each podcast is intended to “to keep employees engaged and connected at every level in the organization.” Produced entirely using in-house talent, these podcasts demonstrate that the format can be added without too much hassle to an internal communications toolkit. 

The fact that hundreds of employees listen and follow links from the episode posts reinforces the idea that they can be effective channels for important messages. The team behind the podcasts deserves recognition for not only taking advantage of a relatively new technology but also for avoiding the tendency to simply jump on the bandwagon, and also for employing the technology to serve clear and measurable objectives.

Congratulations to Lisa Jensen, Melanie Huggett, Dave Butcher and Kyla Ferns. 

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