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In a tight job market, video inspires nurses to apply at Baystate Health

Nurses told their stories as action propelled the narrative.

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Baystate Health needed nurses for its Medical Center Emergency Department and decided to take a crack at producing its own video, using only internal resources (without spending a dime) to “educate and inspire at the National Nurses Week and at the Emergency Nurses Association Conference in Salem, Massachusetts.” Its success has won first place in the “Recruitment Video” category of Ragan’s 2017 Employee Communications Awards.

The team started by shooting interviews with currently working nurses, along with B-roll footage of action in the emergency department. The video features nurses on camera and footage narrating the action taking place in the ER. 

All of the footage was obtained during a two-day shoot, with production happening in just 3-4 days. The editing is crisp and the action compelling, but the biggest standout element of the video is how sincere and committed these nurses sound about the jobs they do every day. 

Clearly, nurses who viewed these videos agreed, submitting resumes that have resulted in five new hires at Baystate. The video has nearly 2,000 views on YouTube, where it has attracted positive, affirming comments. 

Congratulations go to Baystate’s Recruitment Team, the Marketing and Communications Department and the Emergency Department team.

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