Use of Social Media

At T-Mobile, every employee is a social media advocate

A high degree of trust characterizes employee sharing about the organization.

Social Media at T-Mobile - Logo -

At T-Mobile, every employee is a prospective advocate. That simple fact has made T-Mobile a first-place winner in the “Use of Social Media” category of Ragan’s 2017 Employee Communications Awards.

The way it works is simple: The organization’s executives (including celebrity CEO John Legere) share copiously on social media channels. Not surprisingly, a lot of employees follow those accounts and share what they’re proud of and what they believe their communities would be interested in. 

T-Mobile also promotes hashtags, with employees participating alongside customers, as well as sharing images and other assets. As a result, thousands and thousands of posts and millions of impressions have been generated supporting the organization, its products and its employer brand. 

Among the campaigns in which employees have participated was #ReadEmAndSweep, which included photo booth opportunities with branded props and signage in T-Mobile office lobbies and Snapchat geofilters at retail stores. Employees were also encouraged to share third-party news the organization amplified through the campaign, which produced 128 million Twitter impressions alone. 

More organizations should display this kind of trust in employees to share information rather than impose constraints; the results are far more authentic and organic. 

Congratulations to T-Mobile. 

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