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Dean Chionis and family bring charm to USANA while charming our judges

Giving a face to his company, a story profiling one of USANA’s top distributors not only humanizes the business—it also earns it top honors in Ragan’s Health Care PR and Marketing Awards for 2012.

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X-ray and CAT scan machines.


Countless lists of experimental prescription pills and treatments.

The idea of medical and health product distribution doesn’t exactly rile up feelings of warmth and welcome.

That’s a problem for USANA Health Sciences, a developer and international provider of the highest quality, science-based health products, and not just in terms of its consumer and investor relations.

Instead, the company dedicated to delivering the best nutritional and diet supplements, as well as other various personal care products, was troubled by a means of engaging both its current and future employees. In particular, USANA’s leadership sought to reach Generation Y, the organization’s fastest-growing demographic.

To accomplish this, the company’s corporate communications team thought it best to shed light on the potentially gratifying life awaiting its hard-working staff members—staff members such as Dean Chionis, one of USANA’s top distributors.

Featured in USANA Magazine, the company’s quarterly corporate publication, Dean and his family—including his wife, Sherri, and his son Matt, both standouts in their own right at USANA—were selected for a story of their own.

Story author Teresa Elias and a photographer spent three days with the family—sunrise to sunset—including Dean and Sherri’s other children, Nick and Nathalie.

Aside from highlighting their many accolades from the company—including being named the Dr. Wentz Vision Award winners at USANA Health Sciences’ annual International Convention in 2011, their 1-Star Diamond Directors status, and a then-recent visit to Bora Bora for the company’s Fortune 25 Trip—the piece most significantly profiled the liberties and domestic life that working as a company distributor has provided each of the Chionises.

“Society tries to put you in a box of mediocrity and limitations,” Matt says in the article. “It says what you can and cannot have, and USANA gives you the ability to break free if you’re willing to take that step.”

That step helped convey a sense of pride in their family, their work, and their company throughout the interview while also helping USANA establish itself as a means for anyone to make a great career—one where employees can actually maintain a successful work/home balance and continue to feel passionate about what they’ve chosen to do in their lives.

For that passion, we’re happy to name our choice of USANA as the winner of Best Interview or Profile in Ragan’s Health Care PR and Marketing Awards.


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