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Media relations liaison aids local news media in covering hospital ‘mercy missions’ during flood

The flood had already stretched local press resources, so one story from a media relations staffer came in handy.

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The flood that surged through South Carolina in October 2015 stretched the resources of many local communities. The medical team at Tidelands Health braved the waters and employed novel transportation methods to deliver medicine, supplies and care to communities cut off by the waters. The story of the hospital’s valiant efforts has won Tidelands Health first place for “Best Article” in Ragan’s 2016 Health Care PR and Marketing Awards.

The article’s origins began with Tidelands media relations liaison Margaret Lamb tweeting the story of the mercy missions while reaching out to the CBS News correspondent covering the floods. The resources of the local press to cover the emergency were stretched thin, so the local “South Strand News” asked Lamb, who was accompanying the CBS news crew on a mercy mission, to draft a story for the paper. 

The story is compelling, newsworthy, and dramatic—while also respecting patient privacy. Lamb also served as photographer for the story, adding a visual element. 

Congratulations to Margaret Lamb and Amy Stevens of Tidelands Health for producing an outstanding article.


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