Marketing Campaign

Multi-channel marketing campaign delivers results beyond reach and impressions

Goals called for referrals leading to new patients. It worked.

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Beaumont Health’s Orthopedic’s marketing campaign truly delivered on the goals it set out to achieve. That’s why we were so enthusiastic about Beaumont Orthopedics’ winning entry in the Marketing Campaign category of our 2018 Healthcare PR and Marketing Awards.

The goals included generating referrals that converted into patients. By the time the campaign reached maturity, the team behind it had delivered a 35% year-over-year increase in referrals and a 41% year-over-year increase in appointments. These are the kinds of results that make leadership sit up and take notice. The team behind the campaign employed a continuum of communications to achieve their noteworthy results.

Traditional media included TV, radio, and billboards. Digital targeting encompassed prospecting emails, paid promotion, paid search, organic search, videos, advertising on the Pandora music service, and extensive use of social media. The campaign also leveraged responses to inquiries from the Beaumont website and the physician referral service, along with downloadable guides, online classes, and a campaign aimed at following up with people who had initiated contact.

The consistency of media elements made the campaign instantly recognizable and the videos were compelling. The integration of all the many campaign elements was masterful, each leading down a path to an inquiry or appointment. Even the Beaumont website was updated – with physician and physical therapist input – with new information that enhanced and reflected the campaign. 

Congratulations to Marly Doerr, Zak Walsh, Susan Hanchett, Brian Vargo, Jessica Schroeder, Joseph Wesolek, Lori Manos, Delynn Meyer, and Scott Kemp.

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