NewYork-Presbyterian video tugs heartstrings with tale of a pediatric heart transplant

Great storytelling compressed the complexity of the procedure into an intimate, personal account.

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“Amazing Things: Jenna Skeete,” NewYork-Presbyterian’s tale of a little girl born with half a heart whose life was saved by a heart transplant when she was four years old, is the first-place winner in the “Video” category of Ragan’s 2018 Health Care PR and Marketing Awards.

A production crew of three people followed Jenna and her mother as they went through their annual ritual to honor the donor whose heart gave Jenna a new chance at life. Although the video recounts the numerous surgeries that Jenna endured before her transplant—educating viewers about the challenges of organ transplants—it is the intimate and personal approach to the story that elevates the video. 

It captures the sweetness of the moments between Jenna and her mother at the hospital, and also as they go through what are clearly sincere and heartfelt steps to remember the anonymous, unknown child whose tragic death—and the selfless decision by the child’s parents to donate organs—made the transplant possible. 

The video has been viewed 106,000 times, producing 190,000 impressions and 1,000 engagements. 

Congratulations to the team of Emily Driscoll, Laura Swalm, Jordan Reed and Sharon Cotilar. 

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