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Infographic succeeds at educating through visualization of data

Visual introduced new information on the connection between high blood pressure and stroke.

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HAP, a Michigan-based nonprofit health plan, publishes a print magazine and also distributes content through a blog and multiple other channels. All these platforms were ideal for an infographic designed to heighten awareness of the connection between high blood pressure and strokes. The resulting infographic has earned HAP first place in the “Design” category of Ragan’s 2018 Health Care PR and Marketing Awards.

To draw readers in, MXM—a part of Accenture Interactive, delivering content to clients for integrated marketing—used U.S. stroke statistics, including new guidelines that lower the definition of high blood pressure and place many more people in the high blood pressure category than before, along with the variety of risk factors for strokes (including information on face drooping, arm weakness, speech difficulty, and “Time to Call 911 (FAST)” guidelines. 

The small, distinct sections of the infographic made the subject matter—which could be daunting and off-putting—more approachable; it delivers a lot of information and data in easily consumable nuggets. The design took advantage of the HAP Balanced Living blog’s color palette to be consistent with other assets published through the same channels. 

Each segment of the infographic could conceivably be extracted for use in other presentation formats. Too many infographics are merely jumbles of images, numbers and text; too few are as well conceived and executed as this one. 

Congratulations to the teams at HAP and MXM – a part of Accenture Interactive: DeAndre Lipscomb, Erika Thrubis, David Bross, Lori Bajrovic, Katie Groves, Kelsey Allan, Rebecca Burdick, Daniel Kauten, Morgan Mendieta, Mark Heggen, Missy Bergwall, Michelle Rubin, Emily Shay, Julie Somberg and Kristen Campbell.

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