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UC Davis’s Children’s Hospital annual report does double duty

Telling success stories was only one goal for UC Davis’s Children’s Hospital publication.

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The annual report from UC Davis’s Children’s Hospital is not a financial report crammed full of audited numbers—only one page at the back of the book is dedicated to numbers, in fact. Rather, the bulk is given over to detailing patient success stories and spotlighting the hospital’s family-centric approach to health care.

The combination of an effective approach and a visually appealing execution has earned the annual report first place in the “Print Publication” category of Ragan’s Health Care PR and Marketing Awards.

The annual report was developed to acknowledge and celebrate such milestones as preparation to move into a new surgery center, Magnet nursing designation, American College of Surgeons recertification, and accreditation of the Child Life and Create Arts Therapy department’s internship program.

To tell these stories, content was selected and designed to focus on patients, families and interaction with staff. The photos are big and bold—many full-page, accompanied by moving quotes.

The annual report’s secondary goal is equally impressive: When new physician referral liaisons meet with pediatric offices to educate them about the hospital in an effort to inspire them to refer patients to Children’s, the report serves as their leave-behind.

To convey the breadth of the hospital’s operations, the report is divided into sections including medical specialties, surgery and emergency services, family support, and community outreach. Oh, and those numbers at the end? They’re expressed in an infographic, covering items like the number of specialties in which it is nationally ranked, number of beds, percentages of nurses holding degrees and the square mileage of the region it serves.

Congratulations to Tricia T Tomiyoshi-Marsom, Jon Jeisel, Jennifer Jacobs, Doreen Pichotti, Barbara Hennelly, Fernando Herrera, Jose Villegas, Michele Taber, Steve Telliano, and all fellow contributors in UC Davis Health Public Affairs and Marketing.

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