Website Launch or Relaunch

Health plan revitalizes website to underscore focus on members and community

Redesign sparked a nearly 100% increase in site visits.

MagnaCare Website Relaunch - Logo -

MagnaCare had undergone a series of structural changes that it wanted to display on its website and in its visual brand identity, so it undertook a campaign to reinvigorate the brand in order to keep pace with a planned rollout of new products and services. Meeting that challenge has earned MagnaCare first place in the “Website Launch or Relaunch” category of Ragan’s Health Care PR and Marketing Awards.

The team behind the redesign recognized that the refreshed website was MagnaCare’s best way to demonstrate its commitment to its customers, which meant it also had to preserve a connection to the company’s history.

The process began with client surveys and focus groups to gather insights about the brand. The marketing team worked closely with other parts of the organization to understand how the site could better serve clients and showcase the company’s suite of offerings. Developing a brand architecture, the team focused on the brand promise of putting customers first, supported by the brand’s pillars (e.g., deep labor expertise).

The tone of voice for the new site would be warm, approachable and personal, yet professional. The visual strategy focused on the geographic region. The color palette retained the familiar MagnaCare blue but added new, vibrant, friendly colors. Website content was made more interactive and targeted to distinct groups (i.e., members, plan sponsors, TPAs, carriers and providers).

Metrics were established proactively, including reduced time to complete tasks, increased lead generation, increased website traffic and improved user perception of the organization. The results include a 99% increase in site visits, 227% increase in users and a 67% increase in page views; lead generation is on an upward trend, too.

Congratulations to the website redesign team of Kat Durko (Creative Director), Dina Jordan (Director of Customer Marketing), Shari Ingerman (Content Manager), Tisa Corona (Lead Generation Manager), Barbara Geoghegan (Graphic Designer), led by Rosemary Chowallur (VP of Marketing).

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